The Word Awakens Joy and Worship

John Piper
Peter begins his letter not merely with statements of truth, but with worship. He rejoices over the realities he has seen about who God is and what he has done. In twenty minutes, John Piper walks through these first verses to understand the role of the Bible in our new birth and daily worship. Continue Reading

We Should Pray for Healing

Jon Bloom
Should we pray for healing? Yes! The New Testament instructs us to ask God to distribute this gift for the glory of Jesus. Pray for the sick. God will only answer these prayers with good! Don’t settle for little faith and low expectations. Stir up faith! Earnestly desire this gift. Continue Reading

The Immeasurable Value of Grace

John Piper
We’ll never be able to estimate the value of the grace God has shown us as sinners. In this lab, John Piper highlights the preciousness of our salvation by looking at three groups of people: prophets, preachers, and angels. Each saw the grace Jesus brings, and responded in their own way. Continue Reading