Four Steps Toward Joy in Repentance

Gavin Ortlund
Repentance is one of the hardest and sweetest things we do in the Christian life. Finding joy in turning from sin can be difficult, but God has made a way. In his word, he has given us steps toward change that will lead us into greater degrees of holiness and happiness.

Quiet Time Doesn’t Earn God’s Grace

Bryan Chapell
In less than five minutes, Bryan Chapell reshapes how we view God’s grace and love in light of our quiet time.

Five Truths About Eternal Security

John Piper
If we’re called to bring believers back from their wandering, does that mean true believers can lose their faith? In this lab, John Piper deals with the security of every believer, explaining how God keeps his children from falling away. He summarizes this important doctrine with five truths.

Plunge Your Mind into the Ocean of God’s Sovereignty

John Piper

Sometimes we need to plunge our minds into the ocean of God’s sovereignty. We need to feel the weight of it, like deep and heavy water pressing in against every pore, the deeper we go. A billion rivers of providence…


Seven Reasons to Celebrate Advent

Ryan Shelton
I didn’t grow up with Advent, but I have grown to love it. And though it is not a mandated observance in Scripture, there are profitable reasons to consider making Advent part of your holiday rhythm. Here are seven potential benefits of observing this season of longing and expectation.

Top 15 Books of 2015

Tony Reinke

2015 marks my tenth year choosing the best books of the year, and it was the most difficult of them all. Non-fiction Christian book publishing churned out a daunting amount of very good new titles, more than I’ve ever seen.


Prepare Him Room

Jon Bloom
The season of Advent begins today. Advent — a season, so full of tradition, so full of memory, so full of legend. And a season so full, often over-full, bustling and bursting with the exhausting activity of keeping traditions, creating memories, and recalling legends.

Missions Is Worth the Mess

Sean DeMars
No one will write a book about us. People will not tell our story at mission conferences. We likely won’t be invited to go and share at churches or speak to future missionaries about the key to success in missions. We are going home and licking our wounds for the foreseeable future. Was it worth it?

Seven Sentimental Lies You Might Believe

Matt Reagan
Examine your assumptions. Our society carries hundreds of unquestioned assumptions, and we Christians ought to ask, astutely and often, “Who says? Does God say that? Is it biblical?” Here seven of the most egregiously assumed truth-claims in popular culture today, with a biblical check for each one.

Spread the Word for Christmas

DG Staff
Next to the Bible, perhaps the most enduringly valuable gifts you can give this Christmas are books soaked in God and his grace. Printed books wrap well, and can be life-changing and soul-saving, and more.