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Theology Refresh: Podcast for Christian Leaders

by Joe Rigney and David Mathis

Joe Rigney welcomes us into Narnia, the imaginary world of C.S. Lewis.

Teaching, Schooling and Reading

Bethel College


by John Piper

Good reading should be the vocation of a lifetime, not just an activity for school.

Is Christianity Biased Toward Book Lovers?

by John Piper

John Piper says Christianity is biased toward those who appreciate written revelation.

Should Churches Train Their Own Ministers, or Should They Be Sent to Seminary?

by John Piper

John Piper says church-based training and seminary training are both good options.

An Invitation from John Piper

With Calvin in the Theater of God

by John Piper

Five reasons why ordinary Christians should consider coming to the Desiring God Conference next month.

Should Colleges Indoctrinate?

by John Piper

Indoctrination is not the only alternative to faith-weakening education.

Has the Church Been Disarmed by the World?

by John Piper

Has the church come to depend on the world for too much of our education, leisure, entertainment and interpretation of current events?

Back to School: A Biblical Perspective

by John Piper

The business of education is God’s business. To ignore him in it is to be profoundly uneducated.