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Courage, Christ, and Finishing the Mission

Desiring God 2011 National Conference

(Finish the Mission: For the Joy of All Peoples)

by Michael Ramsden

Quest for Joy

Six Biblical Truths


by John Piper

What verses do you use to share the gospel with others?

At What Point Should I Share the Gospel With My Neighbor?

by John Piper

John Piper says that having a loving and discerning heart is the best evangelistic strategy.

Should Christians Say That Their Aim Is to Convert Others to Faith in Christ?

by John Piper

God causes conversion, but he calls us to be agents of it.

William Wilberforce and the Launchers of Love

by John Piper

If we love people, we will be like William Wilberforce and spend time thinking about how to point them to Jesus.

Why Is Differentiating Between Evangelism and Missions Important?

by John Piper

John Piper says you can lose missions if you don't distinguish it from evangelism.

Inspired by the Incredible Early Church

by John Piper

Six reasons for why the Christian movement spread so fast in its early years.

"The Gate Is Open"

Two Summer Dreams Take Shape, Part 2

by John Piper

What kind of event could we invite people to that would not be too “churchy,” but would be a gateway into all the good things that “church” really means?