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What Oppressive Governments Cannot Do

by Tony Reinke and John Piper

Pastor John explains Romans 13 and its implications.

Does Romans 13 Prohibit All Civil Disobedience?

by Tony Reinke and John Piper

John Piper: "Government, in keeping a cap on the evil of the world and restraining evil and bringing some kind of order, is a great gift in a world of falseness."

Could a Pastor At Bethlehem Have Voted for Obama?

by John Piper

John Piper says it's not impossible to vote for someone who has policies you disagree with.

One Issue Politics, One Issue Marriage and the Humane Society

by John Piper

Being a “one issue voter” does not mean that only one issue matters. It means that some issues matter enough to disqualify a person from public office.

"Render to Caesar the Things That Are Caesar’s"

by John Piper

Beware of rendering too much to Caesar the way Pilate did (John 19:12). And when you render to Caesar do it only “for the Lord’s sake.”

Let Christians Vote As Though They Were Not Voting

1 Corinthians 7:29-31

by John Piper

How should our thoughts on voting be affected by the age to come?

How Can Christians Have a Positive Influence on American Politics?

by John Piper

Listen to John Piper articulate ways that Christians can act and pray in ways that benefit our government.

Dominion Theology or Reconstructionism


by John Piper

We're not approaching a true understanding of the kingdom of God in this world if that means using more of the sword to authorize kingdom values.

Why President Clinton Should Resign

by John Piper

The stakes of a president's moral life are high for the whole nation.

Why Vote If You Are Disillusioned?

by John Piper

Our calling in this world is not to wait for the arrival of the perfect, but to pick our way through the thicket of flaws.

Believing God on Election Day

Daniel 4:28-37

by John Piper

The only person who does justice to the sovereignty of God is the person who sings about it.

The Limits of Submission to Man

by John Piper

We must honor God above the state. But if the state does not require us to disobey Jesus then we should be subject for the Lord's sake.