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Why God Is Not an Abomination to Himself

Meditation on Proverbs 17:15

Proverbs 17:15

by John Piper

How does the gospel avoid contradicting God's righteous standards?

How Is It That Our Sins Are Forgiven In Christ and Yet We Must Give an Account to God on the Last Day for How We Lived?

by John Piper

John Piper says that our deeds in this life are evidence of, not grounds for our justification.

Why Was Timothy Circumcised?

by John Piper

How could Paul have Timothy circumcised and yet totally refuse it for Titus?

Should We Teach That Good Works Come With Saving Faith?

by John Piper

John Piper says that we must protect people from turning the gospel into either lechery or legalism.

Does James Contradict Paul?

James 2:14-26

by John Piper

Even though language can sometimes confuse us--like when the same word carries multiple meanings--the Bible is not contradictory.

Can Even the Worst Sinner Be Saved?

by John Piper

John Piper explains why every repentant sinner can have hope.