All Resources on Justification

Boasting in Man Is Doubly Excluded

by John Piper

There are two reasons (at least) why God hates for man to boast in man.

Justified to Break the Power of Sin

Romans 6:5-10

by John Piper

No Condemnation in Christ Jesus, Part 2

Romans 8:1-4

by John Piper

If you are in Christ, all of God's action toward you is almighty mercy and omnipotent assistance.

It Is God Who Justifies!

Romans 8:31-37

by John Piper

God is the one who justifies, so let us fear the accusation of no one and love the good of all.

There Is No Partiality With God, Part 2

Romans 2:11-16

by John Piper

The Just Shall Live by Faith


by John Piper

Would I gain my life before a holy God if I died tonight? Am I ready to take my stand in the divine courtroom and hear the Judge pass an eternal sentence on me?

How Is It Right to Justify the Ungodly?

Romans 3:20 - 4:5

by John Piper

We unseat judges with indignation who acquit the guilty. Our moral sensibility is outraged when wrong and guilt are given legal sanction. Yet at the heart of our gospel stands the sentence: God justifies the ungodly who trust in him. God acquits the guilty. That is the gospel! But how can it be right for God to do that?