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The Power of Books and How to Use Them

by John Piper

Make all your reading purposeful. Great books have changed the world by changing people's lives.

Biblical Foundations for Bethlehem College and Seminary

An Invitation

by John Piper

An invitation to a lecture on the importance of higher education.

What Does It Mean to Love the Lord With All Your Mind?

by John Piper

John Piper outlines three components of loving God with our minds.

Where Is Christian Thinking Most Needed Today?

by John Piper

John Piper thinks Christians should think hard about every area of life.

Clyde Kilby’s Resolutions for Mental Health and for Staying Alive to God in Nature

by John Piper

Ten resolutions by Pastor John's beloved English Literature professor.

"Again You Shall Take Up Your Tambourines"

What’s the Whole Counsel of God?

Jeremiah 31:3-4

by John Piper

Doctrine is the new (and better) foundation of exuberance when the naiveté of childhood won’t work anymore.

Think Deeply and Clearly

A Meditation on 2 Timothy 2:7

2 Timothy 2:7

by John Piper

The human mind may be fallen, but it's not useless.

How Do You Decide Which Books to Read?

by John Piper

John Piper lists three factors that help him decide what to read next.

The Intentional Fallacy and the Meaning of Textual Meaning


by John Piper

The goal of interpreting a text should be to discover what the author willed to convey.