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Sacred and Secular

Theology Refresh: Podcast for Christian Leaders

by Matt Reagan and David Mathis

Matt Reagan discusses breaking down the sacred and secular divide.

The Logical Nature of Christian Resolve


(Johannesburg, South Africa)

by Conrad Mbewe

Joining Jesus in Song

Mark 14:26

by John Piper

We are a singing people because we are the children of a singing God.

The God of Worship

Worship God Conference

(Gaithersburg, MD)

by John Piper

Not in This or That Mount, but in Spirit and Truth

John 4:16-30

by John Piper

Only those who know Jesus have the Spirit and know the truth that makes real worship possible.

Is It Okay to Use Musical Instruments In Worship?

by John Piper

John Piper says that the manner of our worship should match the message.

A Case for Seriousness

by John Piper

Will there ever be revival in a place where everything is aimed at cultivating a light and pleasant spirit?