All Resources on Loving Others

How to Become a Good Listener

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by Janet Dunn

High-quality listening brings good results. But it takes an awareness of how much people need to be listened to, plus time and practice

Praising Others

Theology Refresh: Podcast for Christian Leaders

by Sam Crabtree and David Mathis

Sam Crabtree commends the joy of commending others.

How Can I Help My Friends Stay Satisfied in God?

by Tony Reinke and John Piper

“The greatest ministry you can have to me is for you to enjoy Christ. Turn that around and ask, ‘How can I be the greatest blessing to the people around me?’ The answer: Get up in the morning, go to the word of God, and, like George Mueller said, ‘Get your heart happy in God’ before you meet other people.”

What to Say to the Depressed, Doubting, Skeptical, Confused, Angry

Colossians 2:13-15

by John Piper

How to interact with those who are struggling in their faith.

Doing Well and Doing Better

by John Piper

Even inside perfection, there is good, better, and best. And understanding this will help us love as we ought.