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"Praying the Vision"

Two Summer Dreams Take Shape, Part 1

by John Piper

What might God do when the whole congregation says, “Seeking the Lord in prayer is so important that we will give it prime time on Sunday morning, and not just a little sandwich slot on Wednesday evening”?

A Prayer Jesus Would Not Answer

by John Piper

If the answer to our prayer doesn't come as we want, let us not assume that the Lord has no affection for us nor any tugs to do what we want.

Not Just a Successful Church

An Invitation to More

by John Piper

Why pray? Because God aims to make us co-victors with him.

Remarkable Answers to Prayer

Getting Ready for Prayer Week

by John Piper

Prayer is like marriage. It should be a mix of both discipline and spontaneity.

Backfire Casualties

by John Piper

The danger of prayer is that you may become the answer to your own request.

Does It Matter Which Person of the Trinity We Pray to?

by John Piper

John Piper says that we should follow the New Testament's pattern for prayer.

Prayer and Predestination

A Conversation Between Prayerful and Prayerless

by John Piper

A conversation between "Prayerful" and "Prayerless" on why we ask God to do what he already intends to do.