All Resources on Redemptive History

History Is God's Story

Acts 13:13-29

by John Piper

Everything, without exception, has to do with God, and gets its main meaning from God.

Has God Rejected His People? Part 1

Romans 11:1-6

by John Piper

If the Root Is Holy, the Branches Are Holy

Romans 11:13-24

by John Piper

Continue in the Kindness of God

Romans 11:17-22

by John Piper

All Israel Will Be Saved

Romans 11:22-29

by John Piper

The Age of Ignorance Is Over

Acts 17:30-31


by John Piper

Today is a day of repentance and salvation, of missions and evangelism, and of loving and sending.

What Jesus Did After the Beginning

Acts 1:1-3

by John Piper

The book of Acts is not just the acts of the apostles; it is the acts of the risen, living, enthroned Jesus.

The Story of a Stiff-Necked People

Acts 7:1-53

by John Piper

God is not eager to punish; he is eager to forgive. But there is an end to his patience.

Exodus for All the Earth

by John Piper

God shows great power on behalf of his people so that others might see and fear.