All Resources on The Birth of Christ

God Sent His Servant to Bless You

Acts 3:22-26

by John Piper

God is moving toward you today with blessing.

You Shall Go Forth Leaping Like Calves

by John Piper

Christ came at Christmas to build a bridge across the chasm of sin to eternal life, but the name of the bridge is purity. The only way to eternal life is along the path of sanctification.

Christ Jesus Came into the World to Save Sinners

Christmas Day

1 Timothy 1:12-17

by John Piper

The meaning of Christmas is that what is good and precious in your life need never be lost, and what is evil and undesirable in your life can be changed.

From Bethlehem in the Majesty of the Name of the Lord

by John Piper

God uses little towns and youngest sons and slingshots to magnify his glory by contrast, to show that he is not the least dependent on human glory or greatness or achievement.