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The Spirit Lives in Me, So Why Do My Affections Fluctuate?

by Tony Reinke and John Piper

How do I explain my own personal fluctuating experience of joy in God when then source of my personal joy (the Holy Spirit) is constantly, personally, present in me at all times?

The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

Theology Refresh: Podcast for Christian Leaders

by David Mathis and Kevin DeYoung

Kevin DeYoung discusses the role of the Holy Spirit in our understanding of the Bible and our assurance of salvation.

Is the Holy Spirit Underemphasized In Evangelical Circles?

by John Piper

John Piper says that sometimes our prayers go unanswered because we do not avail ourselves of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Is the Holy Spirit Phase Three of God’s Word?

by John Piper

The work of the Holy Spirit is a clarification and application and certification of the incarnation of the Son of God.

An Outpouring of Extraordinary Power

by John Piper

What are revivals and why should we want them?

This Is He Who Baptizes with the Holy Spirit

John 1:25-34

by John Piper

Baptism by the Holy Spirit is mainly about Jesus, not the Holy Spirit.

How to Be Filled With The Spirit

by John Piper

Being filled with the Spirit is parallel to getting drunk with wine.

The Spirit of Joy

by John Piper

Is it really possible for one's face and heart to be filled with sorrow and joy?

The Spirit of Encouragement

by John Piper

The Holy Wind of God will not break or quench. He will lift up your head and fan your spark into a flame.

The Spirit of Spring

by John Piper

No one can stop the coming of spring—in nature or in the church—when God has appointed its time.