A Tool for Accountability in a Pornified Culture

In this Gospel Coalition discussion, D. A. Carson comments about the use of Covenant Eyes for accountability in the battle against Internet pornography —

(Watch on YouTube.)

Today, 72% of kids have been exposed to pornography on the Internet. At colleges,
62% of men and 17% of women spend time online every week for sex-related amusement.

Covenant Eyes provides an accountability forum that monitors every website visited and rates the content. This information is compiled into easy-to-read reports which are sent regularly to anyone you choose. This helps friends, spouses, and parents have ongoing conversations about responsible and pure Internet use. Fleeing sexual temptations means we must flee the alluring anonymity of the Internet. We must choose to be accountable.


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Jonathan Parnell (@jonathanparnell) is the lead pastor of Cities Church in Minneapolis/St. Paul, where he lives with his wife, Melissa, and their five children. He is co-editor of Designed for Joy: How the Gospel Impacts Men and Women, Identity and Practice.