Ask Pastor John Podcast Update

We released eight new episodes of the newly relaunched Ask Pastor John (APJ) podcast this week. And in episode 13 — “The Essential Warfare for Holiness” — we talked with Pastor John about the connection between happiness and holiness.

There Pastor John said this:

When we say God is most glorified in you when you are most satisfied in him, we are saying the essential warfare of holiness, or sanctification, is the warfare to be satisfied in God. It is a fight to see him as beautiful and to savor him as beautiful. That is the number one fight. Take pornography or theft or the desire for applause, any of those sins, the fundamental way that you sever the root of those sins is by striving for the power of a superior satisfaction — namely in God.

You can listen to the entire episode here.

APJ Relaunched

Last week we announced the relaunch of the APJ podcast as a way to connect more frequently with Pastor John throughout the week and hear his thoughts on the Bible, theology, ministry, and leadership, as well as his answers to theological questions and reactions to current events.

We release the 3–8 minute conversations at least five times each week via the DG Facebook and Twitter feeds. These files are currently hosted on SoundCloud, archived on the DG website, and will soon be syndicated in iTunes. Stay tuned for updates.

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And we want to hear from you. To submit a question for the podcast, please include your first name and hometown and write your question and email it to us (AskPastorJohn AT desiringGod DOT org).

Current Episodes

This past week we released episodes 8–16 of the podcast. Here's a list of them all in ascending order. We’ve called out the five most played episodes (**)

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