Articles on Biblical Counseling

The Cult of the Self and the Command of Jesus

This article appeared in Christianity Today under the title “Is Self-Love Biblical?”

by John Piper

"Love your neighbor as yourself" means that we should take all the zeal, ingenuity, and perseverance we have for our own good and apply it to others.

Self-love and the Christian Counselor's Task

by John Piper

The contentment of knowing that you're a faithful Christian is secondary to the contentment experienced in actively trusting and obeying Christ.

Toward a Definition of the Essence of Biblical Counseling

by John Piper

What are 10 basic characteristics of good Christian counseling?

Bethlehem: A Culture of Peace

by John Piper

The next best thing to having a church without conflict is having one that knows how to resolve it in a Christ-exalting way.