Articles on Church Government

Our Concern with Biblical Church Governance

by John Piper

Five reasons to reexamine church government offices and structure.

The Aims of the Constitutional Revision

by John Piper

This constitutional revision would replace the Council of Deacons at Bethlehem with a Council of Elders.

Were Apostles Unique and Unrepeatable Messengers of Christ?

by John Piper

Jesus chose Twelve Apostles for a unique, unrepeatable role in the history of redemption.

Bethlehem's Nerve System

How it Works

by John Piper

A church's nerve system needs the divine stimuli that comes through its fingers and toes.

Should Only Unanimous Decisions Guide the Church?

by John Piper

There will always be a range of maturity and wisdom in the church, but that shouldn't paralyze it from moving forward.