Articles on Church Mission

Why Does Bethlehem Exist?

What I Said at the Leadership Retreat

by John Piper

Bethlehem exists to reassert God’s rightful place in all of life.

What Is Bethlehem?

by John Piper

Bethlehem is most essentially a vision of God.

Remember, We Are a Small Part of Something Very Great

How to Prepare for Next Sunday's Discussion

by John Piper

God is stirring all over the world in governments and churches to do a new thing in our generation.

Your Place in the Strategy

by John Piper

If any good discovery is made in ministry we should consider how to multiply its effects in other churches.

Preaching a Plan for Ministry

by John Piper

A church's priorities should be based on the relationships each Christian should develop with God, fellow believers, and unbelievers.

The Overarching Mission of Bethlehem Baptist Church

by John Piper

We cannot define our mission in terms of deeds alone because any deed can be done with an attitude that does not glorify God.

Why Have a Statement of Purpose?

An Invitation to Three Special Sunday School Classes

by John Piper

If every member could express why we exist as a church, there would be a new intensity about all we do.