Articles on Events & Announcements

Heart's Desire . . . Prayer to God

A Week of Concerted Prayer at Bethlehem

by John Piper

Are you satisfied with the fervor of your desire for the conversion of sinners and the holiness of saints?

Testing Your Attendance Strategy Quotient

by John Piper

A test to see how mindful you are to others in your church attendance.

From Bedford to Bethlehem via China

by John Piper

Introducing the China Awareness Seminar and its speaker, David Adeney.

Where Are We in Long Range Planning?

by John Piper

John Piper unfolds a motion regarding the long range plans of Bethlehem Baptist.

It Will Happen by Prayer

by John Piper

The Lord grows his church by prayer, not by advertising alone.

Three Important Things for Members

by John Piper

The life of a growing church calls for prayer, planning, and praise.

Why an All-Church Survey?

by John Piper

A survey can inform you about your congregation and illumine more of God's will for how to grow.

Do Not Be Afraid

by Jon Bloom

Who's Coming to Bethlehem?

by John Piper

What would happen if Bethlehem could uphold a 24 hour prayer chain without interruption until 1990?

A New Preaching Series

by John Piper

Five reasons for choosing to preach through 1 John.

Five Year Statistical Report

by John Piper

John Piper presents the fifth annual report since he came to Bethlehem.

A Week of Concerted Prayer

"That the power of Christ may dwell in us"

by John Piper

The grace of God is addicting. The more you experience his power, the more you want.

Bethlehem: Seedbed for Missions

by John Piper

How does a church become and remain fertile ground for moblizing and supporting missionaries?

Baptist General Conference Annual Meeting

by John Piper

John Piper gives an update on what happened at the annual meeting of the conference of which Bethlehem is a part.

Why a New Sermon Series on the Gospel of John?

by John Piper

John Piper introduces the extended sermon series he'll begin this Fall.