Articles on Fear & Anxiety

Some Wonderful Words of Fear

by John Piper

17 verses about fearing the Lord.

God's Favorite Color

A Meditation on Crossing Portland Avenue

by John Piper

Precautions have lengthened many lives; anxiety has lengthened none and shortened many.

Reasons Believers in Christ Need Not to Be Afraid

by John Piper

How can I have peace or joy while living in a dangerous world?

The Pace of Faith

by John Piper

The Lord is never hurried because he has all things under control. What a steady power should mark his people!

Lessons from a Lost Master Card

by John Piper

By the time we know a problem exists, God has already been working on it and his solution is on the way.

There Is No Razor Blade in Your Banana

by John Piper

The best way to free people from slavish sins and irrational fears is to fill their lives with big and powerful realities.

Project '84 and the Fear of the Lord

by John Piper

God is a joy and a refuge to those who cling to his neck, but he is a terror to those who flee.

Does Fear Belong in the Christian’s Life?

by John Piper

How can we obey the command to "fear God" and yet "fear not"?