Articles on Giving

The Voice of the Snow God

by John Piper

The Lord gets himself glory by providing just enough for his people, and just in time.

A True Story to Encourage You to Really Give

by John Piper

The generosity of God's people does not go unnoticed.

How Can We Pay Up All Missions Commitments in April?

by John Piper

We can go above and beyond in giving to missions because we know Christ will take care of us.

On Lending to God

Proverbs 19:17

by John Piper

Trusting him is the one thing we can do to put God in debt.

When Gratitude Gets Complicated

Thoughts on Saying Thank You at Bethlehem and Desiring God

by John Piper

When you are in a position of receiving blessing from many people, knowing how to express gratitude can be challenging.