Articles on Heaven & Hell

How Willingly Do People Go to Hell?

Does Anyone Standing by the Lake of Fire Jump In?

by John Piper

Does anyone stand by the Lake of Fire and jump in?

The Present Power of Heaven and Hell

by John Piper

10 examples of how, for Jesus, desire for heaven and fear of hell were practical daily parts of living a glad and holy life.

When a Friend Takes a Wrong Turn

by John Piper

The Bible teaches that hell is everlasting torment, not the loss of existence.

All Flesh Will Come and Worship

Except Those "Outside"

(A Meditation on Isaiah 66:22-24)

by John Piper

How can eternal punishment fit with the breadth of God's redemption?

Suffering, Mercy, and Heavenly Regret

by John Piper

Will regret ruin our joy in heaven, or will it add to it?

Dorothy Sayers on Why Hell Is a Non-Negotiable

by John Piper

It is not out of antiquarian allegiance that we love the truth—even the hard ones. It is out of love to Christ and to the people who need his truth.

Can Joy Increase Forever?

by John Piper

It will take an infinite number of ages for God to be done glorifying the wealth of his grace to us. He will never be done.