Articles on Justification

Why God Is Not an Abomination to Himself

Meditation on Proverbs 17:15

Proverbs 17:15

by John Piper

How does the gospel avoid contradicting God's righteous standards?

Why Was Timothy Circumcised?

by John Piper

How could Paul have Timothy circumcised and yet totally refuse it for Titus?

When Does God Become 100% For Us?

Answering a Good Question

by John Piper

John Piper explains how God’s disposition towards us changes at the moment of our justification.

The Sufficiency of Christ's Obedience in His Life and Death

by John Piper

If we are made right with God because of Christ’s obedient life, does this mean that the cross itself is not enough to justify us?

What God Requires, Christ Provides

by Justin Taylor

What God expects regarding human law-keeping, Christ accomplishes by becoming our substitute.

Boasting in Man Is Doubly Excluded

by John Piper

There are two reasons (at least) why God hates for man to boast in man.

Justification by Faith

The Remedy for Paralyzed Sinners, Fallen Saints, and Provincial Christians

by John Piper

The doctrine of justification is immeasurably precious to every area of life.