Articles on Killing Sin

Dismembering an Idol

by Jon Bloom

In Luke 19, Zacchaeus the tax collector was converted. He vowed to give back fourfold to anyone he had defrauded. Imagine a conversation he might have had when returning the money.

The Fierce Fruit of Self-Control

by John Piper

When we really see and believe what God is for us by grace through Jesus Christ, the power of wrong desires is broken.

Hope-Giving Promises for Triumph over Sin

by John Piper

If God works to bring about obedience in our heart, then sin will not be lord over us, God will.

Fighting Covetousness by Looking at Others

by John Piper

Keep God first in your life by finding others who love God well and imitating them.

A Weapon Against Satan's Summer Siege

by John Piper

Arm yourself with the thought that when Jesus died to free you from sin, you died to sin.