Articles on Life of the Mind

A Compelling Reason for Rigorous Training of the Mind

Thoughts on the Significance of Reading

by John Piper

The Bible often requires us to read thoroughly, not skim lightly. How should this affect the way we train our minds?

My 2010 Writing Leave: What? and Why?

by John Piper

John Piper prepares for 5 writing projects, for 6 reasons.

The Great "Therefore" of the Resurrection

by John Piper

Ideas have consequences.

The Place of Writing

A Plea for Prayer

by John Piper

Fresh statements of old truth are always needed. Without them people will read error.

An Amazing (Unused?) Means of Change

by John Piper

The ability to think is a gift from God and an immensely powerful means of our becoming what we ought to be.

Where Does Christian Living Come From?

by John Piper

It is remarkable that again and again the apostle Paul confronts failure to do what’s right with failure to know what’s right.

Pregnancy, Labor, and Birth—of Books

An Open Letter of Thanks

by John Piper

An letter of gratitude to the staff, elders, and people of Bethlehem Baptist Church at the end of John Piper's writing leave.

7 Potential Writing Projects

by John Piper

John Piper talks about what he might work on during his current writing leave.