Articles on Pastoral Ministry

Brothers, Beware of Sacred Substitutes

by John Piper

Without extended and consecrated prayer, the ministry of the Word withers up and bears no fruit.

O Lord, Give Us Children of Promise, Not Children of the Flesh!

Romans 9:8

by John Piper

The story of Ishmael is a warning not to build your ministry according to the flesh.

Hero Worship and Holy Emulation

by John Piper

Thoughts on the dangers and value of "celebrity" status.

“Be Still and Know That I Am God”

by John Piper

John Piper openly contemplates the weightiness of pastoral ministry and is sustained knowing that God is God.

Light Beckons

Isaiah 2:5

by John Piper

Pastors should yearn for their people like Isaiah yearned for Israel.

"For Our People and for the Cities of God"

by John Piper

When it comes to persons, one plus one is more than two!

Pastors, Pragmatism, Pleasure, and Pride

by John Piper

Three warnings to church leaders.

Advice to Pastors: How to Help Your People Be More Satisfied in God

by John Piper

Thirteen thoughts on how to help bring joy in God to your congregation.