Articles on Pastors & Staff

SPAN the Nineties II: The Issue of Wine Skins

Mark 2:22

by John Piper

What do you want from your church? Would you be satisfied if it fit you like a glove and saved few sinners?

SPAN the Nineties II

by John Piper

An extensive redesign of the equipping process at Bethlehem that seeks to better prepare every saint for the work of ministry.

Celebrating Two Concurrent Decades of Faithfulness to Youth and Adults

by John Piper

A celebration of the ministries of David and Karin Livingston and Brad and Cindy Nelson at Bethlehem Baptist Church.

Executive Pastor: What and Why?

by John Piper

Having an Executive Pastor seems like an ideal way of unleashing the ministries of the church and maximizing the contributions of each pastor.

The New Staffing Configuration

by John Piper

A description of the new arrangement of responsibilities among the church staff.

A New Full-Time Minister?

by John Piper

Winning college students for the Lord and for the local church is crucial.

A Word on Bruce Leafblad...

by John Piper

John Piper outlines the responsibilities of a worship pastor.

In Praise of Those Who Help Us Praise

by John Piper

A pastor expresses his gratitude to those who minister in his church through music.

Thanking God for Ten Years of Partnership in the Gospel

Appreciation for Chuck & Carol Steddom and Sam & Vicki Crabtree

by John Piper

John Piper expresses his happiness at the 10-year anniversaries of Bethlehem's executive pastor and worship pastor.