Articles on Regeneration / New Birth

How Do You Obey the Command to Be Born?

by John Piper

The call of God creates what it commands.

What Is a Christian?

by John Piper

Christianity is not merely believing a set of ideas about Christ’s love. It is an experience of being constrained by that love.

Magnificent Manumission

by John Piper

The whole concept of slavery as we know it is blown out of the water when God becomes the “Slavemaster.”

From a Pastor’s Journal

Sunday morning, November 18, 1984

by John Piper

In that terrible moment when we see ourselves standing guilty before the Almighty, nothing shines forth but the gospel of Jesus Christ.

How the Lord of Life Gives Life

A Meditation on Acts 16:14

Acts 16:14

by John Piper

Why do some who are “dead in trespasses and sins” come to believe and some do not?

Letter to a Friend Concerning the So-Called "Lordship Salvation"

by John Piper

Jesus seems more eager to explode the false assurance of faith than he is to give assurance to people who are intent on living in sin.