Articles on Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual Gifts: An Implication for Unanswered Prayer

by John Piper

If we pray for something but never consider seeking the ministry of a fellow believer, we are like the eye that says it doesn't need the hand.

Why Some Spiritual Gifts Attract Unstable People

by John Piper

It is wrong to view spiritual gifts as unpredictable, unconnected to reasoning processes, and free from the demands of objective observation.

Signs and Wonders and Suffering

by John Piper

A life of suffering and a ministry of signs and wonders are not inconsistent with one another.

Testing Bethlehem’s Charismatic Quotient

by John Piper

Results from a congregational survey concerning spiritual gifts.

The New Testament Gift of Prophecy

Definition, Theses and Suggestions

by John Piper

A brief theology of the gift of prophecy and its implications for you.

The California Conference on Holiness: Kudos and Cautions

by John Piper

Ten things to be thankful for and three things to be concerned about at a Vineyard conference.

High-Hurdling on Sunday Morning

by John Piper

We shouldn't neglect needed improvements. But we should major on exploiting our strengths for God’s glory.

Signs and Wonders: Then and Now

by John Piper

The Bible teaches that spiritual gifts, including prophecy and tongues, will continue until Jesus comes. To neglect them is to risk disobedience.