Good Guest Writing at Desiring God

Fifteen Example Contributions

Thank you for your interest in writing for We hope this short article will answer some of your questions.

We should begin by saying that due to seasons of heavy volume, often we must pass on many very good article submissions. But however unfortunate, this reality never stops us from entertaining new authors and watching for fresh articles that will edify our broad readership.

Our focus is narrow. We want articles that focus on joy in God and expresses a key insight from the Bible in a fresh light, sometimes helped with a fresh anecdote. Perhaps the best genre for what we’re looking for is what you might call “creative non-fiction.” And we are deeply committed to the Bible, to faithfully teaching and explaining it, and to a Reformed understanding of salvation and sanctification (some call it “Calvinism”). We want the aroma of God’s sovereign goodness to be present in everything we publish. Our aim is to serve up this robust theology through the voice of a living and breathing writer with a personal, winsome encounter to tell. So how does theology intersect your life? Such a question is often the doorway to some of our best articles.

The Details

Our guest articles vary in length depending on content, but 700–900 words is the sweet spot. Please do not send guest submissions in excess of 1,000 words.

As for formatting, send us a Word document with one space between paragraphs and no indenting. Keep it simple by using a Times New Roman font, 12 point. Feel free to add section headings every three-to-five paragraphs, if you like. And be sure to add a short bio of three sentences or less at the beginning (and a high-res headshot, and Twitter handle if you like).

If we decide to publish your piece, it will be edited carefully, given a header image, and likely given a different title than you suggested in the initial draft. We will spread the article via our social media channels.


To answer a few of the most common questions: We do not publish book excerpts, and we do not post any content that already has appeared online. We do not include advertisements or promotional images to draw attention to an author’s books; however we do display a headshot and short bio of the author, with appropriate links (two max). We also create an author page for you on the site that includes a headshot, Twitter handle, and links to any content you’ve written at our site.

Fine Print

If we publish your article at, you can re-purpose the material as a future article on another site or in a book project. Here’s our publishing agreement:

By publishing at, you grant us the exclusive right for this content for one week following publication. After the one week expires, we retain a non-exclusive right to host the content in perpetuity, and you (the author) retain the copyright and the freedom to re-publish the content elsewhere, with the request that it be noted the article first appeared at (and hyperlinked).


Ready to take the next step?

Submit your article to a Desiring God editor if you already have an email contact, or if not, email, and send a concept brief (a short summary of your article idea or ideas).


To help out, we have collected a list of some our best guest contributions (as of August 2014). Reading through a few these pieces would be an excellent exercise in getting a sense for what we think is model content for online articles.