Interview with Jared Wilson on "Gospel Wakefulness"

"To treasure Jesus more greatly and savor his power more sweetly" — that's the experience behind the phrase and title of Jared Wilson's newest book, Gospel Wakefulness. David Mathis recently interviewed Jared about the book:

Time markers:

00:45 — Are we experiencing a "gospel renaissance" in our day?

02:40 — How does your book related to this "renaissance?"

04:40 — What is the gospel?

06:12 — What do you mean by the phrase "gospel wakefulness?"

08:05 — How does "gospel wakefulness" relate to conversion?

11:25 — Why do you consider this a helpful category?

13:54 — What is your story of "gospel wakefulness?"

21:35 — What would you say to someone battling depression?

26:04 — The gospel is the antidote for everything.

32:00 — Are our affections for the gospel the same as for God?

34:50 — How does the gospel not get stale for us?

37:32 — Can you explain the rhythms of Bible study and prayer?

40:10 — How do we relate community to these rhythms?

42:57 — What counsel do you have for Christian leaders?

45:15 — What does it mean to "obey" the gospel?

49:30 — "Get to work" or "it is finished?"

53:20 — How does the gospel relate to our sanctification?

55:35 — How do promises relate to our sanctification?

59:21 — What role does the future play in gospel-driven sanctification?

1:02:35 — What is the "tyranny of hyper-spirituality?"

1:09:18 — How does the gospel most glorify God?

1:11:20 — What is your hope for this book?

1:13:09 — What about those who haven't experienced gospel wakefulness?

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