Piper at Passion Tonight

Piper at Passion Tonight

Atlanta, Ga. – From the opening note, Passion 2013 has been another brilliant illustration of how big our God is, and that he is capable of capturing a generation of young people who know, love, and live for Jesus. 

Louie Giglio and the Passion team continue to grow and refine a movement that engages students with a big vision of God, and then aims to set their lives on a trajectory of mission, sacrifice, and service for the advance of the gospel.

It’s impossible to adequately describe the experience of standing together in one room with 60,000 college students worshipping through strong, God-centered music, and then sitting with them to receive God's word and his commission to make him known in the world. It is breathtaking and spiritually arresting.

Even though you can't see the faces of those across the Dome, you know that in the sea of voices and camera flashes there are thousands upon thousands singing their lungs out to the glory of Jesus. It inspires great hope in what God is doing in our day. He is raising up young people who shine brightly with a joy in God and who long to lay down their lives for the gospel.

This evening John Piper is scheduled to address the 60,000 strong with the message that following Jesus and living out his mission will mean suffering — and we can only suffer well for the cause of Christ if we are more satisfied in him than anything else. Please pray for John as he brings the Scripture to bear on these young hearts and minds, and pray for salvation, healing, hope, and calling among the hearers.

The session begins at 7:15 PM EST, and will be available, God willing, through the conference live-stream. John likely will not begin speaking until about 8:30, or a little thereafter.

In this second video from our recent shoot with Christy Nockels, she talks about Piper’s part at Passion these 15-plus years since the conferences began in 1997, and the kind of influence he continues to have on the college-aged attendees. The message she mentions as especially impacting is “Getting to the Bottom of Your Joy” from Passion 2011.

More of Piper’s most memorable messages from Passions past:

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Marshall Segal (@MarshallSegal) is executive assistant to John Piper, a graduate of Bethlehem College & Seminary in Minneapolis, and writes regularly for desiringGod.org. He also edited a new book, Killjoys: The Seven Deadly Sins.