Piper on Prophecy and Tongues

The Christian ministry is irreducibly supernatural. Even centrally supernatural.

Desiring God’s 2013 Pastors Conference is fast approaching. On February 4–6, we’ll gather in downtown Minneapolis under the banner “Brothers, We Are Still Not Professionals.” Subtitle: “Reclaiming the Centrality of the Supernatural in Ministry.”

So with the supernatural in mind, we sat down with John Piper to ask the hot-button questions. We started with speaking in tongues and with new-covenant prophecy, and asked Piper to draw from his thirty-plus years of pastoral ministry to get us oriented. Here’s what he said:

What Is Speaking in Tongues? (7 minutes)

What Is the Gift of Prophecy in the New Covenant? (10 minutes)

Tomorrow we’ll hear from Piper on the gift of healing and about how he dealt with an exorcism early on in his ministry.