This Week's Sermon: "Living by Faith in Future Grace"

If you could step back from the noise and busyness — if you could, even for just a moment, get a panoramic snapshot of the Christian life — it would look like 2 Thessalonians 1:11–12.

John Piper explains the picture,

Everything [in the Christian life] flows from the free grace of God in Christ. And everything is moving toward the fullest glory of God in us and through us. And between the foundation of grace and the goal of glory there is the power of grace daily arriving in our lives through faith, turning daily resolves and plans and purposes into deeds of faith, fitting us for glory.

Having preached this passage first in 1985, Piper freshly engages these truths again and describes one of the most practical 30-year trademarks of Bethlehem Baptist Church.

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Jonathan Parnell (@jonathanparnell) is the lead pastor of Cities Church in Minneapolis/St. Paul, where he lives with his wife, Melissa, and their five children. He is co-editor of Designed for Joy: How the Gospel Impacts Men and Women, Identity and Practice.