Episode 1088

Has Marriage Become My Idol?

Topic: Marriage & Family
God never designed marriage to be our ultimate treasure. Here are some signs that we have made our marriage into something God never intended it to be.
Episode 1087

Did God Choose Me Because He Loved Me or Love Me Because He Chose Me?

Topic: Predestination
God’s love and election work hand and hand. There’s no election that is not loving, and there’s no initiating love that is not electing.
Episode 1086

Six Questions to Ask Before You Binge on Netflix

Topic: Life Issues, Technology
When thinking about TV, music, or movies, don't ask, “What’s wrong with this?” but, instead, “Will it maximize my holiness?”
Episode 1085

Is Wartime Living the Same as Minimalism?

Topic: Money
Wartime lifestyle seeks to glorify God — not to live with the least amount of stuff. It simply admits that life must be different during a battle.
Episode 1084

If Someone Doesn’t Like Me, Have I Ruined My Christian Witness?

Topic: Friendship
When is it right to please people? When is it wrong to please people? Here are some guidelines from John Piper.
Episode 1083

Am I Single Because I’m Defective?

Topic: Dating & Singleness
God has designed marriage to bring about a kind of cherishing that emerges nowhere else. But that doesn’t mean you are uncherishable if your single.
Episode 1082

Local Atheist or Modern Pharisee — Who Is the Greater Threat?

Topic: Kingdom of God
Jesus faced more opposition from the Pharisees than the Romans. Are religious formalists a greater threat to the church today than our secular neighbors?
Episode 1081

How to Stay Christian in College

Topic: Education
Students, attending college means stepping out into the front line of the war for your faith. In order to hold fast, arm yourself for battle.
Episode 1080

Our Wedding Date Is Set — Why Not Have Sex Now?

Topic: Sexual Purity
God created sex for marriage. He designed it as beautiful gift and placed it precisely where he knew it should be.
Episode 1079

Is God’s Grace Really Free, or Does It Cost Me Everything?

Topic: The Grace of God
We by nature don’t delight in God but in his gifts. New cars, our job, even our phones all compete for our supreme joy unless God transforms our hearts.