Episode 1022

Should Christians Vacation to Religious Shrines?

Topic: World Religions, Spiritual Warfare
It is a terrible sign of spiritual obliviousness to visit religious shrines and not feel heartbreak and caution for demonic powers of deception.
Episode 1021

My Parents Say Missions Is a Waste of American Blessings

Topic: The Unwasted Life, World Missions
If your parents think pursuing missions is a waste, win them to your vision and show them that Christ is sufficient to satisfy your soul.
Episode 1020

What’s the Appeal of Heavenly Rewards Other Than Getting Christ?

Topic: Heaven & Hell, Christian Hedonism
Christ is our reward — as is everything else that more fully reveals him and more fully enables us to enjoy him.
Episode 1019

Should We Baptize the Dead?

Topic: Baptism & Membership, Death & Dying
Baptism demonstrates and symbolically reenacts our spiritual death, burial, and resurrection in Christ. But it does not save anyone.
Episode 1018

I’m Confused — Are We to Pray with Few Words or Without Ceasing?

Topic: Prayer
Pray to God at all times, but don’t think you can twist God’s arm by repeating your requests. He seeks heartfelt, authentic fellowship.
Episode 1017

How Can My Difficult Marriage Glorify Christ?

Topic: Marriage
A faithful, covenant-keeping spouse can display the truth of Christ’s covenant with us — even after a failed marriage.
Episode 1016

Do We Really Need Musical Worship?

Topic: Corporate Worship
Qualified leaders should help God’s people come together to express his infinite value by lifting their voices and hearts in song.
Episode 1015

When Should Christians Use Satire?

Topic: Speech
While satire, irony, sarcasm, and ridicule all have their place in exposing evil and harm, Christians should patiently seek to win others in love.
Episode 1014

Why Does the New Testament Cite Extrabiblical Sources?

Topic: Inspiration & Inerrancy of the Bible
Sometimes biblical authors drew in material from outside the Bible in order to strengthen their points for their audience.
Episode 1013

What Is Revival and Where Do We Find It?

Topic: Revival / Awakening
Revival is a concentrated work of God where Christians in various churches earnestly desire more of Christ, boldness in witness, and commitment to missions.