Episode 1008

Am I Really Ready for Heaven?

Topic: Death & Dying, Faith
Receive Christ, the one who did all the doing that had to be done as the foundation of our acceptance with God.
Episode 1007

Does God Know the Exact Day I Will Die?

Topic: Death & Dying, The Sovereignty of God
God determines when everybody dies. He decided so before the world existed.
Episode 1006

How Soon Is Christ’s Return?

Topic: End Times
If Christ’s millennial reign comes after his second coming, Jesus could come very, very quickly.
Episode 1005

Can We Ever See God or Not?

Topic: The Glory of God
There are some senses in which God’s people can see him, and other senses in which they cannot.
Episode 1004

Will Every Jew Be Saved?

Topic: Redemptive History
Not all Israelites will be saved, and no Jews who are waiting for a Messiah but rejecting Jesus while they wait will be saved.
Episode 1003

How Many Bible Versions Should I Read?

Topic: Bible Translation & Interpretation
Use multiple Bible translations for increased general understanding, and use one main translation for meditation and memorization.
Episode 1002

Is Pain Punishment for My Sin?

Topic: The Power & Effects of Sin, Suffering
The purpose and design of God’s justice in punishment is infinitely different than his purifying discipline in pain.
Episode 1001

Do Pets Distract the Christian Life?

Topic: The Christian Life, Creation
While pets, like other good things, can distract us from the glory of God, they can also provide God-saturated fascination and joy.
Episode 1000

Never Send Nude Selfies: Seven Reasons

Topic: Sexual Purity
Don’t ever ask to see anyone naked except your spouse, and don’t ever show yourself naked to anyone, besides medical reasons, except to your spouse.
Episode 999

How Do I Pray the Bible?

Topic: Prayer, The Bible
Praying the Bible keeps us from focusing on our immediate private concerns, rather than God’s larger purposes.