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Speaker Panel: John Piper, Crawford Loritts, Darrin Patrick, Doug Wilson, Ramez Atallah

John Piper, Ramez Atallah, Crawford Loritts, Darrin Patrick, and Douglas Wilson

Time-markers —

00:50 — What is biblical femininity? (Wilson, Patrick)

05:12 — Does Christianity have a feminine feel? (Piper, Loritts, Patrick)

11:25 — How can fathers best care for their daughters? (Wilson, Patrick, Loritts)

15:44 — How do we know…


Question and Answers

John Piper, D. A. Carson, Greg Livingstone, and Crawford Loritts

The answers to the questions below are summaries from notes taken during the session, not necessarily direct quotations. Listen to the audio to see what they said exactly.

How do you sing about God's sovereignty when his providence is sometimes


The Call to Courage

Crawford Loritts

(The following is a summary from notes taken during the message.)

Crawford Loritts learned what he knows about leadership, courage, responsibility, etc. primarily from his dad. To this very day, when challenged with tough decisions and discouragement, he hears his…