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What’s in a Name?

Joe Rigney
What’s in a Name?
The Scriptures are a gold mine of life and wisdom. But acquiring this gold requires labor and effort. We must look and look and look again until we see what’s there. We must pay attention to those little connecting words that link one statement to the next. Continue Reading

To Name the World

Joe Rigney
To Name the World
We don’t think about the mysterious power of speech enough. But words matter. The world was established by the word of the living God, by the God who is himself the Word. This same God has created us in his image and given us the awesome and wondrous gift of speech. Continue Reading

When Envy Turns Deadly

Joe Rigney
When Envy Turns Deadly

Holy Week is a wonderful time for meditation and reflection. In addition to prayerfully considering the actions of Jesus in his triumphal entry and his temple cleansing and cursing, it’s worth reflecting on the actions of some of the other…

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So Where Was God?

Joe Rigney
So Where Was God?

The question is always the same. Where was God?

After the initial shock and horror subsides, after the news crews go home, we’re always left with the same question: So where was he?

Did he know ahead of time what…

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