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Where Is Heaven on Earth?

Jonathan Parnell
Where Is Heaven on Earth?
Once in college I went to a prayer meeting put on by a small Evangelical denomination in the rural South. It was the kind of denomination that has a string of adjectives before the word “Baptist” — the kind that you might expect to handle snakes or something. Continue Reading

The War of Love

Jonathan Parnell
The War of Love

The color was porpoise gray — that’s “porpoise” like the dolphin. Porpoise gray. That’s the color my wife chose to paint the little sunroom at our house a few years ago. She loves it when I take on house projects…

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Three Facts for Your Fret

Jonathan Parnell
Three Facts for Your Fret
We tend to fret. It is a fact about creatures that we are derivative beings who can’t ultimately control the world around us. We have questions about whether we should do this or that, and about what might happen if we do this or that, which quickly turns into... Continue Reading