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Walking Through Weight-Loss with Friends

Lindsey Carlson
Walking Through Weight-Loss with Friends

I have been overweight all of my adult life.

While not everyone’s additional pounds are directly linked to sin, I know many of mine are. Historically, I’ve gone through seasons of facing my sin directly, and other seasons where I’ve…


God Is in the Grocery Aisle

Lindsey Carlson
God Is in the Grocery Aisle

I’m the grocery shopper in our family. I walk the aisles of choices and read the labels, searching the food, trying to discern facts from fiction.

This regular responsibility comes with some regular fears about making the wrong choices in…


Stay-at-Home Moms with Missionary Hearts

Lindsey Carlson
Stay-at-Home Moms with Missionary Hearts

Have you ever watched someone else living your dream, the thing you really, really wanted for your life?

As I cut the crusts off my kids’ peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, I listened to my young, single friend talk passionately…