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Four Reasons We Don’t Share the Gospel

Four Reasons We Don’t Share the Gospel

Steven Lee
Why don’t we share the gospel more than we do? Here are four things that keep us from speaking about our faith, and four ways we can grow together in our evangelism.
Reject the World’s Whitewashed Words for Evil

Reject the World’s Whitewashed Words for Evil

Steven Lee
Part of the cause for life today is identifying and exposing the world’s whitewashed words for evil. The abortions taking place are not merely routine medical procedures, but in fact the systematic killing of children. We have to reject softer, more digestible terms, and call evil what it really is.
Give Your Weakness to God

Give Your Weakness to God

Steven Lee
“How are you doing?” It’s a pet peeve of mine — that I’m also guilty of — when those words are used as a greeting rather than as a question. It’s easy to say, “How are you doing?” without actually…
God Will Use Even You

God Will Use Even You

Steven Lee
I didn’t attend an Ivy League school. I was not a cum laude graduate. I’m not a founder, innovator, CEO, or visionary of any company. I sit on no boards. I am the trustee of nothing more than my personal…
Three Ways to Remember God’s Grace

Three Ways to Remember God’s Grace

Steven Lee
If we see our world, our lives, and our circumstances through the lens of Jesus’s cross, everything will come into focus. And that clarity of sight will awaken joy in us. It is looking through this lens that we find a deep sense of what it means to be loved by a good and kind heavenly Father.
We Complain Because We Forget

We Complain Because We Forget

Steven Lee
I am stunned every time I read the story of the Exodus. How can the people of Israel complain like they do? How could they be so ignorant, so stupid, so forgetful? The God of the universe had just tossed…
The Cup Consumed for Us

The Cup Consumed for Us

Steven Lee
Matthew shows us an odd exchange between Jesus and his disciples. In Matthew 20:20–28, the mother of James and John, in typical motherly fashion, asks Jesus whether her nice, upstanding sons can sit beside Jesus in his kingdom. James and…