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Interview with Don Carson on the TGC Women's Conference

Tony Reinke
Interview with Don Carson on the TGC Women's Conference

Don Carson, the president and co-founder of TGC, answered a few questions about the conference and the priority of training women for ministry.

Explain for us the origin of the women's conference and how it serves the broader vision of


All Spheres of Life — Even Pro Basketball

David Mathis and Tony Reinke
All Spheres of Life — Even Pro Basketball

They're calling it "LinSanity" in New York, and it hit fever pitch tonight after Lin's game winning 3-pointer with less than a second to play in the Knicks win. He finished with 27 points and a career-high 11 assists.



The Indelible Mark of a Mother's Prayer Training

Tony Reinke

J. C. Ryle:

Prayer is, of all habits, the one which we recollect the longest. Many a grey-headed man could tell you how his mother used to make him pray in the days of his childhood. Other things have passed…


A Conversation with Doug Wilson and John Piper

Tony Reinke

The recent Conference for Pastors concluded with this two-hour-long conversation between John Piper and Douglas Wilson, moderated by Joe Rigney. Download the audio and video.

Time-markers —

0:01:06 — Unpacking the meaning behind the individual mission statements.

0:07:09 —…


Where There's a Praying Mother, There's Always Hope

Tony Reinke

Mark 7:26,

". . . Now the woman was a Gentile, a Syrophoenician by birth. And she begged him to cast the demon out of her daughter."

J. C. Ryle comments,

The woman who came to our Lord, in the…