C.S. Lewis: Christian, Writer, Scholar, Prophet

C.S. Lewis: Christian, Writer, Scholar, Prophet

It’s hard to be a casual fan of C.S. Lewis. Many despise him for his Christianity and convictions. Many love him dearly for his brilliant mind and writing and prophetic insight.

If you’ve read enough Lewis to track with his vision and life’s project, you’ll either love him or hate him. Let us not come with any patronizing nonsense about being only a casual fan. He has not left that open to us. He did not intend to.

With the Desiring God 2013 National Conference just around the corner — and the July 26 early-bird deadline for registration approaching even faster — we sat down for a quick conservation about Lewis with Bethlehem College & Seminary professor, and unapologetic Lewis-lover, Joe Rigney. Joe is scheduled to give a seminar at the conference on “Live Like a Narnian: Christian Discipleship in C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles,” as well as a 10-minute “small talk” on “Lewis Against the Hipsters (And Those Who Despise Them).”

The conversation is only seven-and-a-half minutes, but Joe can talk fast and get a lot in. He addresses Lewis’s amazing versatility as a writer of children’s books, science fiction, essays, sermons, apologetics, Medieval and Renaissance lit, and more. He also discusses Lewis’s prophetic gifting which makes him so relevant today, as well as how to prepare well for a conference like this on Lewis (with an important shortlist of Lewis books to commend).

You can listen in on this short conversation at the resource page, or download here.

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A special early-bird rate for the conference is available for those who register by July 26.

David Mathis (@davidcmathis) is executive editor at desiringGod.org, pastor at Cities Church (Minneapolis), and adjunct professor for Bethlehem College & Seminary. He has edited several books, including Thinking. Loving. Doing., Finish the Mission, and Acting the Miracle, and is co-author of How to Stay Christian in Seminary.