Sow Seeds of Immeasurable Gospel Moments

Sow Seeds of Immeasurable Gospel Moments

Years ago John Piper said something about reading that I have found to be spot on:

It is sentences that change my life, not books. What changes my life is some new glimpse of truth, some powerful challenge, some resolution to a long-standing dilemma, and these usually come concentrated in a sentence or two. I do not remember 99% of what I read, but if the 1% of each book or article I do remember is a life-changing insight, then I don't begrudge the 99%. And that life-changing insight usually comes in a moment, a moment whose value is all out of proportion to its little size. That's why I call it an “immeasurable moment.”1

This is the reason we read books — for life-changing moments. And it’s the reason we give books away. God has appointed sentences and paragraphs in them that will change the whole course of someone’s life and for some, open the door to life eternal.

With Easter less than seven weeks away, an opportunity is coming. There will be a few days when people will have a heightened awareness, however vague, of Jesus and his death and his resurrection. Some of them will have a heightened interest in him. Some of them will be willing to read about him. Some of them will be ripe to hear the gospel.

This is why every Easter season we encourage churches (and individuals) to consider giving away two books that contain immeasurable gospel moments in them: Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die and Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ. The first beautifully explains the “why” of Easter. The second gloriously describes the “Who” of Easter. And we make them available for $1.65 each when purchased by the case. See here for more information.

These books are gospel seeds. From them will sprout immeasurable moments that will grow into life change. Cast them in your fields. We’ll be glad to help!

1This quote comes John Piper’s 1981 sermon, “Quantitative Hopelessness and the Immeasurable Moment.”

Jon Bloom (@Bloom_Jon) is the author of Not by Sight: A Fresh Look at Old Stories of Walking by Faith and serves as the President of Desiring God, which he and John Piper launched together in 1994. He lives in the Twin Cities with his wife, Pam, their five children, and one naughty dog.