Thank you, Brazil!

This is a photoblog to say thank you publicly to some of the friends we made in Brazil last week. October 3-9 Noël and I, with Bob and Gayle Glenn and Bill and Cindi Walsh, flew to Sao Paulo. Over those seven days there were three different conferences, the Fiel Conference, the conference at Mackenzie University, and the rally in Rio de Janerio.

Thank you, Brazil, for embracing us in your friendship, and making us a partner in your ministry.


Thank you to Rick Denham and the whole team at Fiel for the joyful and solid conference in Aguas de Lindoia. May you and Kimberlie have strength to persevere in your global vision for the Portuguese speaking world.


Thank you, Augustus Nicodemos, Chancellor of Mackenzie University, for graciously welcoming us to speak to your students and guests in Sao Paulo. May you and Minka receive the desire of your heart, which we prayed about.


Thank you, Leo and Cris Sahium (and your kids Amanda and Nathan). You and your fellow pastors in “Together in Christ” in Rio de Janerio hosted us with grace and gave us the unparalleled privilege of preaching Christ in your city.


And a very special thank you to Eber and Natalie Campos. Eber, your spirit and gifts as an interpreter made all of this possible. The crowds would not have understood without your masterful translations! No. More than translations. Reenactments!


Your partnership in this ministry was extraordinary at every level. First there is the preparation.


Then there is the praying.


Then there is the preaching.

I felt carried by the Lord Jesus. He was kind. May God cause his word to run and triumph for the glory of the name of Jesus in all Brazil and beyond. May he make Brazil one of the strongest sending nations in the world.


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