The Early Beginnings of Desiring God

The Early Beginnings of <em>Desiring God</em>

Desiring God has Jonathan Edwards's and C.S. Lewis's fingerprints throughout its pages.

But John Piper's thinking on Christian hedonism is echoed in a sermon preached over sixty years ago titled "Saved, Safe, and Satisfied." It was preached by a clear—but often overlooked—influence on Piper: his father Bill Piper.

Here's an excerpt:

Yes, [Christ] satisfies. Satisfies because God with him gives us all things. He satisfies because though him every need is abundantly met. His peace, joy, love, grace and power are perfect and we share them. Furthermore, he never leaves nor forsakes us. There can be no empty days in the life of a trusting Christian. His presence fills and satisfies.

Josh Etter (@joshetter) is the Director of Communications at Desiring God. He lives in the Twin Cities with his wife, Kate.