We Have Now Not to Waste

We Have Now Not to Waste

“The years of our life are seventy, or even by reason of strength eighty; yet… they are soon gone, and we fly away” (Psalm 90:10).

My children begin school this week. The summer is passing us by and we’re all groaning a bit. It went so fast.

I turned 47 this summer. 47? I remember my Dad turning 47. How’d I get here so soon? My oldest child turned 16 this summer. My second child turns 14 this week. But they were just toddlers! We were just trying to figure out kindergarten options for them, weren’t we?

Life is a vapor. Even if we live to old age our lives “are soon gone” (Psalm 90:10). But most people either desperately try to grab as much life as they can by pursuing passing things, which the Bible calls chasing the wind (Ecclesiastes 2:11) or they resign themselves to fatalistic cynicism and nihilistic interests.

We all know people like this. Let’s try to help them not stay that way. Let’s work together to show them where the path of life is found (Psalm 16:11). For love’s sake, let’s try and spare them from wasting their lives on what is not really life (Luke 12:15). Let’s tell them that real joy and the fullness of life that they long for exists. But it won’t be found in the world that’s passing away (1 John 2:17). It is only found in the life (John 14:6), the Crucified One who died and is alive forevermore (Revelation 1:18).

One way we can help is by making cases (52 books) of Don’t Waste Your Life available for $129 ($2.48 ea.). John Piper wrote it with both Christians and Non-Christians in mind and it is one of the most stirring books I’ve ever read. Give this book out to guests at your church or to your neighbors or co-workers or extended family. If you’re interested, just click-through to our outreach case specials at the bottom of this page. If you’d like to use them in Bible studies, small groups, or classes, we also have a free study guide you can download.

Whatever we do, let’s be bold. Like the summer, life will be over very soon. We have now not to waste. God, help us!

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Jon Bloom (@Bloom_Jon) is the author of Not by Sight: A Fresh Look at Old Stories of Walking by Faith and serves as the President of Desiring God, which he and John Piper launched together in 1994. He lives in the Twin Cities with his wife, Pam, their five children, and one naughty dog.