Blog Posts on Abortion

The Frontlines of the Pro-Life Movement

Brent Aucoin

As we acknowledge yet another anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision and contemplate the current state of the pro-life movement, I am inclined — as a historian should be — to look to the past for some guidance. As I see the abortion controversy and the accompanying pro-life movement enter its fifth decade, I am drawn to the slavery controversy which likewise lasted many decades.

The movement…

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Relentlessly Call Abortion What It Really Is

Jon Bloom

Abortion is rarely talked about.

I’m not talking about the word “abortion.” We hear this word a lot it in the public square. But we rarely hear about it. Abortion almost always refers to something else. We hear that abortion is fundamentally about a woman’s right to reproductive freedom. Or abortion is a litmus test for judicial nominees. Or abortion is symptomatic of what’s wrong with the social discourse…

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What Abortion Shows Us

John Knight

More than 55 million children have been slaughtered in the 41 years since the Supreme Court created a new right in the Constitution. If any benefit can be found in the rivers of blood that have been spilled, it is this: it has exposed who we really are, what we really value, and how the enemy of our faith operates.

When We’re Exposed

Abortion shows us that we are racist…

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Shouldn’t They Know Better?

John Knight

One of the more successful tactics of our enemy is to turn our hearts against the ones under our care — to turn protectors into executioners.

For decades parents and doctors have legally killed unborn children in the name of “compassion” because the child would have lived with disabilities or would have died shortly after birth.

But killing unborn children apparently isn’t enough.

Child Euthanasia

Belgium’s Upper House approved a…

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