Blog Posts on Baptism

Wash in the Waters Again

David Mathis

Visible words. That was the Reformers’ term for baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

In complement to the spoken words of gospel preaching, these twin rhythms of the gathered church are dramatizations of the grace of God. These “visible words” rehearse for us the center of our faith through images and actions in the God-given pictures of washing, touching, smelling, and tasting. Alongside preaching, they reveal to us again and…

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Improving Our Baptism

David Mathis

Ever consider how you might improve your baptism?

Baptism is not something we typically think about as “improvable.” It’s a one-time, means-of-grace event, administered to a new professing believer entering into the visible covenant community of the local church. The waters don’t create a new spiritual life, but signify the regenerating and renewing work Jesus has already done in the baptized.

No, we can’t go back and improve the quality…

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Infant Baptism and a Puzzling Text

John Piper

From age 18 to 28, my schooling became increasingly less congenial to believers’ baptism.

My History

I grew up in a Southern Baptist home and church. Then Wheaton College broadened my world, and I learned the word “Evangelical.” I discovered that there were Presbyterians who were better Christians than I was. Then Fuller Seminary challenged me again as the debate grew more intense.

Then at the University of Munich, I…

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