Blog Posts on Biblical Eldership

Leadership Together

David Mathis

Healthy churches are no happy place for lone wolves. Especially in leadership. Throughout the New Testament, Jesus’s apostles assume and instruct that his undershepherds do the work of Christian leadership together.

In Acts 20:17, it is the plural elders of the Ephesian church that Paul calls to come to him on the beach at Miletus and whom he calls overseers (plural). It’s the plural overseers whom he addresses, along with…

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An Elder Qualification We Often Forget

Jonathan Parnell

What are the qualifications for elders in the New Testament? Chances are hospitality doesn't make our quick list, though it's listed in both 1 Timothy 3:2 and Titus 1:8.

In this two minute video, Jeff Vanderstelt, a pastor at Soma Communities, explains how his church takes this qualification seriously when they're assessing elders:

Jeff Vanderstelt, Ed Stetzer and Dave Harvey will be speaking on church planting at our upcoming …

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Lowering Standards for Leadership Roles in the Church

Michael Johnson

Piper on lowering standards to fill church leadership roles:

The acceptability of a church lowering its standards in order to fill leadership roles is this: "low" is partly relative, isn't it?

If you have a church that's made up mainly of long-term, seasoned, wise, mature, Bible-knowing Christians, your standards of who should lead in that group are going to be high, because in order to lead you have to be…

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