Blog Posts on Biblical Manhood & Womanhood

So Good Things Can Run Wild

Jon Bloom

Everything God creates is good (Genesis 1:31).

We Are Out of Sync

But we must take this in large measure on faith because under the curse of the Fall, our fallen perceptions often don’t see it and our fallen natures often don’t believe it. We are disordered and pathologically self-centered. We are out of sync.

The only things fallen humans tend to believe are those that sate our appetites, increase…

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Good: The Joy of Christian Manhood and Womanhood (New eBook)

Jonathan Parnell

Christian complementarity is the conviction that God created men and women as his image-bearers — equal in dignity and distinct in role.

Contrary to popular opinion, the Scripture’s distinctive roles for men and women are not the cultural fads of a bygone era, but integral aspects of God’s good design for humanity, and therefore integral aspects toward humanity’s end — to glorify God by enjoying him forever.

And that’s why…

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A Dialogue on Our Design

Jonathan Parnell

Oprah asked Rob Bell about God.

In a video interview, as part of a new daytime series on her own network, she posed the question, What is your definition of God? — to which he naturally replied,

Like a song you hear in another room, and you think: Wow, that sounds beautiful, but I can only hear a little bit. So you start opening doors and rearranging furniture ‘cause you…

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Living Out God’s Design for Marriage

Tony Reinke

Complementarity is a big label we use for God’s full design for marriage, and several excellent books help to explain what it all means.

But another way to witness God’s design for marriage is to pull up a chair and learn from couples who are seeking to honor God by living out their complementarian convictions — a husband leading his wife so she will flourish, and a wife coming alongside…

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Once Confused, Now Complementarian

Brittany Lind

I sat wide-eyed across the table from my new friend Courtney in our college cafeteria. I had just told her I was interested in a guy who sat near me in my freshman biology class. My plan was to go to him and inform him about my interest in dating. Courtney was convincing me to think otherwise — I was confused and didn’t understand why it mattered.

She said that…

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An Olympic Lesson for Husbands and Wives

John Ensor

Sochi is helping me be a better husband. And the Olympics are freshly making my wife to delight in her role as well. The surprising lesson is on display in figure skating pairs.

At its best, this event displays the strength and beauty of unity: how two different people become one. The gold goes to that couple which has most mastered the skill of male leadership and female support making…

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Football and the Warrior Instinct

Jonathan Parnell

One of the last things we need is for young men to think that masculinity is defined by tackles and touchdowns. That would be bad. But it would also be bad if the world were bleached of tackles and touchdowns.

Why? Because while “warrior culture” is dangerous, warrior instinct is endangered, and football stands as one of the last bastions of its enduring good.

What Is Warrior Instinct?

Undivided, straightforward,

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Lecrae Explains True Manhood

Jonathan Parnell

God, not us, has designed the blueprint for manhood.

In this three-minute video, Lecrae explains what it looks like.

Related videos:

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Our Mother Who Art In Heaven?

Tony Reinke

Returning to the "masculine feel" of Christianity discussion, it may be worthwhile to address one prominent point in the debate. While God the Father is spirit, and therefore is not a sexual being nor is he "male," he chooses to predominantly reveal himself in masculine language in Scripture.

But one of the immediate objections to this is the simple fact that God sometimes references himself through feminine imagery, and this…

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